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Jul. 29th, 2008 | 11:44 pm

Did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up?

What's your relationship with the person you last texted?
jimmy awesome = roommate

What are your plans for tomorrow?
making cookies then either going to BR for a show or going to the n.o. bicycle map meeting thing

Where was your default taken?
at st. patrick's field

Are you in a relationship, single, complicated, married, or engaged?

Do you have a flip or slide phone?
flip phone that's about to die

Who do you hate?

Do you have an iPod?
two, actually (music nerd, yes)

Do you wish someone would call you right now?
no, i'm going to bed soon, and if anyone called me now it would be to either get ruckus or talk about something serious.

Who was the last person you stayed up on the phone with till 2 a.m.?
i hate phones, so i don't know that that has ever happened. just f'ing come over.

How do you feel about the last person that called you?
i <3 ivy at z'otz

Do you have any weird inside jokes?
did you just grab my ass?

Do you find piercings attractive?
for the most part, yes.

What's the worst abuse you have done to your phone?
i treat it very well, i just have dreams about throwing it. i've dropped it, but who hasn't?

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?
if i never get really drunk again, yes. i only smoke when i've had about five too many.

Name something you dislike about the day you're having.
today's been pretty good. can't complain.

Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now?

Who's the last text you got from and what's it say?
"have no energy. might feel better later" jimmy about practice

Do you miss someone?
right this second, no, but there are friends who have moved away who i miss a lot, but there's not much i can do about it.

If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
i would actually like to go home to alabama a lot, even though after two days i hate it.

Are you in a good mood right now?

The phone rings; What do you say?
"thanks for calling the magic box, may i help you?" or "hello" or "what up, brah?" <- if you're lucky

Are you mean?
i'm really only mean to people i like, but it's b/c i don't mean it.

Who's the last person whose call you missed?
ivy at z'otz ordering more cookies

Is the last girl you hung out with physically attractive?
i just hung out w/ a bunch of very sexy kocc ladies

What are you wearing?
tank top, skirt and tights

Do you speak another language other than English?
i know a little german and some mandarin

Can you vote in next election?
i can vote "no" to everyone in the next election.

Do you cry easily?

Excited about anything?
prom, drink off, hangovers game, rum distillery. the flaming tsunamis concert in a few weeks. moving to mid-city in october. being alive in general.

Do you tend to make things complicated?
i used to, but not any more. thank you, existentialism.

What is on your mind right now?
maybe i should have asked someone else to prom, but whatever. too many cute guys to choose from.

Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
not unless someone is really lucky.

Have you ever worn your best friend's clothes?

What color underwear do you have on?

Do you consider yourself tan?
one of my arms is getting very tan, since i only wear sunscreen on the tattoo

What're your fav color(s)?
steamed broccoli, kelly green, royal blue, black, hot pink

Do you own a laptop computer?
macbook pro.

How many kids do you wanna have?
see here. i'd like to adopt maybe three, probably less.

Do you own a car?

How many siblings do you have?
my 20 year old, taller than me "little brother," alan. (love love)

What did you drink today?
coffee, water, beer and white wine

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